On December 4th Miners’ Day, we received a ‘Thank You Plaque’ from the Turkish Miners Association for our contributions.

Delta Group acted as a sponsor for the second time this year during the event traditionally organized by the Turkish Miners Association on December 4th Miners’ Day.
Panels, presentations and speeches were delivered at the event held at Istanbul Hilton Bosphorus during the entire day on December 4th.
The event was attended by approximately 450 participants from the entire mining community, including the bureaucrats and representations from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, General Directorate of Forestry and MAPEG – General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs.
During the event where the Mining Sector was represented at the level of the Boards of Directors and Chairmen of Non-Governmental Organizations; the presentations entitled “Preparations for the New Mining Law and Expectations of the Sector’’ and “Relationships with the Society in Mining’’ were delivered.
As part of the program, Mr. Şeref OĞUZ, Columnist and Chairman of the Editorial Board of Dünya Newspaper, delivered a speech entitled “Change in the Turkish and World Economy’’ and subsequently discussed the sector at the ‘‘Sectoral Stakeholders Panel’’ that was attended by the representatives from the sector.
Sami Habbab, Chief Executive Officer of Delta Group that attended the December 4th World Miners’ Day event that came to an end with the gala dinner held at Hilton Bosphorus, said: ‘‘It is important for us that the sector gathers at such events, and as Delta, we provide support for these events’’.
The award that was presented to Delta Group for its support to the mining sector and December 4th World Miners’ Day was received on behalf of Delta Group by Sami Habbab, the CEO of Delta Group.

Delta Commodities Europe B.V.

As Delta Group, we have opened an office in the Netherlands to become more efficient and achieve our growth-oriented targets in international trade in 2019.

Ore mining has begun in the surface mining which started its operations in our mining district belonging to Alser Mining

In surface mining operations in our mining district belonging to Alser Mining, ore mining has begun. Our surface mining operations keep growing in accordance with occupational safety and environment regulations. We are planning to increase the number of employment in our project which has provided additional employment opportunites to 20 people, by increasing our production of commerical parts in time.

Delta Rubis has been one of the finalist companies in Tank Storage Awards.

Tank Storage Awards declared its finalists in 10 categories among the list of candidates consisting of the most esteemed and pioneering companies of international energy industry. Delta Rubis Terminal Petrol took place with its 2.5 km Harbour Project and Dörtyol Terminal as finalist in the category of “Most Efficient Storage Terminal”. The winners of the categories will be announced by an independent jury with an organization to be held in 29 March 2017 in Rotterdam.

Delta Rubis has been deemed worthy to Environment Award from Turkish Union of Healthy Cities.

Turkish Union of Healthy Cities administration; which is the first and only union in Turkey in city health field, has deemed our Dörtyol Terminal as worthy to win the “2015 Environmentalist Site Award” as a result of the negotiations it conducted with municipalities. As Delta Rubis Terminal Petrol; it is so meaningful and proud for us to win such an award due to our environmental conscience.

Delta Rubis has been among 5 finalist companies in Platts Global Energy Awards .

Platts Global Energy Awards has declared its finalists in 17 categories among the list of 200 candidates which consists of the most esteemed and pioneering companies of international energy industry. Delta Rubis Terminal Petrol took place as finalist with its 2.5km Liquid Fuels Harbour Project in the category of “Construction of the Year”. “Energy Company of the Year” Award, will be chosen among the whole list of finalists by an independent panel including the former presidents of the major energy companies and pioneering academicians and international energy experts.

The winning institutions were announced in an organization held in New York in 09 December 2015 and Delta Rubis Terminal Petrol took place among the first 5 companies.

Hatay’s Champions of 2012 Award Ceremony

“Hatay’s Champions of 2012” award ceremony which was organized pursuant to “Tax Week” was held in 02 March 2013 in Hatay Anemon Hotel with the participation of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Sadullah Ergin and Governor of Hatay, Mr. M. Celalettin Lekesiz.

Mr. Metin Başar attended to the ceremony; to which the representatives of non-governmental organizations, managers of institutions and many other invitees attended, in order to receive the award “Third of the Investments of Year 2012” on behalf of Delta Rubis.