Dear Esteemed Customers, Business Partners and Employees,

With a deep-rooted history since the 1970s, our Group has provided and is continuing to provide significant contributions to our country’s and regional economy by creating value in many sectors including the energy and mining sectors, thanks to its knowledge, experience, strong and well-founded corporate culture of 40 years.

This experience and knowledge has helped us to become a reliable and leader organization in the Oil and Gas sector regionally.

During this 40 years, our Group has proven itself with investment in many fields including energy, shipping and transport, storage terminal and port facilities, logistics, distribution, bioenergy refining and generation, mining, commodity trading, construction and infrastructure development projects. Sustainable international success has become inevitable thanks to our human and quality oriented international business approach.

In the Oil and Gas Sector, being one of the most experienced sectors of our Group is engaged in; Delta Group has performed several integrated midstream and downstream activities and provided an integrated service across the different functions of the value chain.

Besides asset investment, commodity trading has been one of the main fields of activity of our Group for nearly 35 years. We have an international experience in commodity trading based on our international expertise, trustworthy business capabilities since our foundation. We have performed commodity trade in many countries from the Middle East to Africa, Caucasus to Mediterranean. On top of oil and gas trading; we have recently successfully added metals trading amongst our existing trading activities after entering the mining sector in 2013 with asset investments. Our mine trading volume has expanded, resulting in further development of our overall trading volume and network.

We have recently added chromium mining among the ever-growing investments of our Group. After taking over an untouched chromium Quarry in 2013 located at the Aegean region in Turkey, we have started Chromium Mining business. Then, we have adopted regional basin mining to expand our mining sites 5-fold and have become one of the biggest chromium lumpy ore producers and exporters of Turkey.

Owing to the sound, balanced and versatile development and growth we have accomplished in our lines of business, we have ensured strengthening of our financial structure as well, which also shapes our growth-oriented future perspective.

Becoming more dynamic as it grows, our Group places high value on human resources, always seeking to employ the best professionals in the related fields and we are working with all our might to be become an ever-profitable, efficient, productive and growing Group.

In every sector engaged, we are paying utmost care to elevate the trust of all our stakeholders including customers, business partners and employees and realize our goals with value added activities.

Thanks to this trust we have gathered until this day, we as Delta Star shall continue to provide added value to our community and the environment in all the activities we work in, based on its ever-growing structure, never losing its dynamism; result-based approach; international business capabilities, our human- and environment-friendly policies revolving around quality-environment-safety axes; our business model underpinned by code of ethics and our foundations that is always open to growth and development.

We hereby would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all our stakeholders, employees, business partners and customers.