Delta Star Trading

Operating in the trade of commodities for over 30 years, Delta Group maintains its commercial activities by adding value through its portfolio of producers and global access and close collaborat

Alser Mining

After Delta Group took over the company in 2013 from insignificant production record, the activities gained speed; first of all, an existing underground heading started production following a fast mob

Timko Mining

The company is continuing to develop chromium mining activities with 3 mine sites taken over in 2016 at the Aegean region in the name of developing basin mining in the targeted Aegean Region. Research

Meyra Mining

In the beginning of 2018, when Delta Group acquired the majority shares of Meyra Madencilik, which comprises of a lead and zinc mine in Bursa, Turkey, it has realized its first step to increase and

Delta Petrol

Founded in 1984 in Ceyhan, the liquid fuel terminal has reached a capacity of 700,000 tons until now, becoming the biggest independent liquid fuel storage terminal of both Turkey and of the whole Medi

Channel Energy

This terminal was established with the funding support from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Black Sea Trade Development Bank (BSTDB), under the Private and Public Se

Delta Liquid Fuel

With its network of 120 petrol retail station network and more than 250 distribution points in total within a period of only 8 years, Delta Akaryakıt has become a company that has purchased 30-years o

Delta Gas

It was a fast growing, integrated LPG supply and distribution company of Turkey with the biggest LPG storage facility in 1994 (65,000 m3), with cylinder filling facilities, distribution stations, cyli

Delta Logistics

Delta Group invested in 100-vehicle 200-trailer fleet and storage facilities in North and East Africa, using its knowledge and experience and an inland transportation and logistics solution partner fo

DB Tarımsal Enerji

Located in Izmir with an annual capacity of 80,000 tons of biodiesel and 2,700 m³ unprocessed glycerin, this is the only biodiesel facility of Turkey at international standards. The company has become

Dorimu Giyim

As one of the leading brands in the world for kids fashion since 1975, Jacadi provides a wide range of products and services from kids clothing, shoes, furniture to accessories based on its over 40-


It is a growth-oriented business company, which has solid financial structure and high credibility and fastest access to global buyers in the international market and which has long term relationships

Delta Commodities

International Commodity Trading has a significant role in Delta Group’s over 30 years of activity history. In particular, with the international market knowledge, know-how and experience acquired in o