Our Investment Approach

What are we looking for?

As Delta Star, we have the skills and capabilities to make business in the international markets with our experience over quarter of a century. We have a strong financial structure and funding capaability. Being a Group loyal to corporate governance principles, we are continuing our activities with a focus on growth. We have a strong, well-rooted international network and business experience in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Having strengthened corporate identity and success story, Delta Star has proven achievements in the Energy, Logistics and Transport, Terminalling and Port facilities, Mining, Commodity Trade, Infrastructure Development Works, Construction and Real Estate sectors.

Furthermore, we consider the following criteria in our pursuit of new investments and activities to add value to the Group in the medium and long term, conforming to our structure, and which our Group can provide synergy and added value within:

  • Small and medium scale companies that have proven themselves are in our radar. 
  • We are seeking business opportunities in Turkey, Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa regions. 
  • We aim to take over at least 51% of company shares and manage that company with our corporate values. 
  • We are looking for a strong governance structure and associated successful management with a proven track record.
  • We prefer projects with high growth prospects and that can be extended internationally. 
  • We target business fields with hig value added contribution and competitive advantage and open to development.
  • We prefer B2B areas, close to our experience and sectors we work in. 
  • We value sustainable businesses with 5-year business and management plans. 

In this respect, our efforts are underway to provide the Group with similar fields of activity and investment and also to strengthen our current businesses in line with our growth targets based on our continued belief in our Country and our Region.