Our Values

As Delta Group, our goal is to make new investments provide value added contribution domestically and globally, with a sustainable growth model based on a mutual trust framework among all our stakeholders, acting with the awareness of becoming institutional in all our Energy, Mining and Trade business lines based on our experience and knowledge of nearly 40 years.

In the framework of this understanding, our values can be grouped under the following 6 titles:

  • TRUST: Delta Group has taken as a principle to work with all the business partners and employees based on mutual trust, completely bound with codes of ethics and dignity.
  • DYNAMISM: Delta Group places emphasis on dynamism, fast decision making, innovation, growth and leadership in all business sectors engaged in. It has taken as a principle to conduct research-development especially owing to the established dynamic team culture and fast adaptation to change.
  • RESULT-ORIENTED: Delta Group has taken as a principle to work as target-oriented, to attain and exceed results in the most effective and efficient manner within the framework of the formulated vision and goals, conforming to the available conditions. 
  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS-MAKING: Delta Group's strongest side is its international business-dealing capability. We have taken as a principle to act in a success-oriented manner based on strong vision and experience internationally in different sectors with various business partners all around the world.
  • QUALITY: Delta Group quality is the guarantee that all the products and services provided to customers at defined standards, with value addition. In this framework, we have taken as a principle to base all our services and investments on international quality standards principle. 
  • DEVELOPMENT: Delta Group has a history up to 50 years, but yet it does not lose its enthusiasm and constantly keeps growing and developing the motivation to be clear and always keeping alive the hunger for new ew breakthrough.