1. 2007

    Hariri: I feel myself at own home in Turkey
    Lebanon's appointed Prime Minister Hariri met with a delegation of DEIK, and said that 'I feel myself at own home in Turkey'. I will improve our relations much more if I will re-appointed  as the prime minister.
  2. 2008

    MPGC 2016 EVENT
    The 24th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference was held in Abu Dhabi on 24 – 26 April 2016.  Mr Sami Habbab delivered a speech focusing on the global trade flow development and logistics impact, impact on shipping storage logistics, trading, and competitive environment of the refineries and traders.
    A storage facility form Delta to Georgia
    Delta Group carried out its second phase of Georgia's largest oil storage terminal, which completed its first phase in Ekin 2002, at the port of Poti
    The reason for the price increase in the petroleum is the speculative market
    DEIK Turkish  Middle East Business Councils President Mehmet Habbab said that the reason for the increase in oil prices is speculative market, "The main determining market is not the physical market but the virtual market".
    70 billion dollars are waiting for the Turks (contd )
    DEIK Middle East Business Council Coordinator and Turkey-Lebanon Business Council President Mehmet Habab, who stated that Lebanon is a small country, but potentially hostile country for investment with  4.5 million of population was our guest in our ""trade with neighbors" series.
    Delta Rubis & Socar Cooperation
    Turkey's most powerful CEOs under the age of 40
    Sami Habbab, CEO Delta Group was nominated amongst top 40 most successful CEOs in Turkey
    100 for Chrome mine
    The Delta Group, which attracted attention with its partnership with French Rubis in the oil storage field in 2012 and then descended into a 110 million dollar pier investment in Iskenderun with its new partner, has now stepped into mining.
    Delta Rubis Terminal Petrol is one of the finalists with its Dortyol Terminal for the Global Tank Storage Awards for the category "Most Efficient Storage Terminal" Award.
  3. 2011

    Delta was awarded the largest investors appreciation award by the Turkish Ministry of Justice for its economic contribution
  4. 2012

    6th International Istanbul Bunker Conference
    Delta Rubis CEO Sami Habbab is attending the conference as a guest speaker to present the development in bunkering service provision in Ceyhan area.
  5. 2013

    Mehmet Habab will sell marine fuel with Socar
    Energy Diary- State Oil Company of Azerbaijan SOCAR signed a 5-year agreement on the storage and supply of marine fuels with Mehmet Habab's company DELTA RUBIS. SOCAR starts its operations with sale of marine fuel in Ceyhan after taking license from EPDK.
    Delta Rubis CEO Mr. Sami Habbab was invited to speak about the new Mediteranean region crude oil flows and the emerging crude oil hub of Ceyhan, Turkey in the 8th Annual Global Crude Oil Summit, organized by Platts in London during May 19 – 20,2015.
  6. 2015

    They call us oilmen but we are actually hoteliers
    I have recently described the facilities of Delta Petrol  in Ceyhan and later the Botaş Facilities the last point of Kirkuk-Yumurtalık Pipeline. The second Rotterdam goal was processed for Ceyhan, and with energy investments, this goal is getting closer every day.
    The Virtual Game in Oil
    Commenting on the increase in oil prices, Delta Petroleum chairman of the board Habab said, "950 million barrels of oil are sold per day in the virtual market. OPEC no longer matters "
    Chrome Ore Mining in Turkey
    Sinan Dallı, CEO of Alser Mining speaks to TFR’s Katharine Morton about mining chrome ore in Turkey
  7. 2016

    Proposal for Arabs to 'use our own currency' in place of $
    The signing of Turkey's with China for trade in its currency will continue from the Gulf countries. DEIK goes to Lebanon today to make the same proposal to the Arab countries that have a trade of 37 million dollars.
    EX DEIK Turkish - Lebanon Chairman Mehmet Habbab’s visit to PM of Lebanon
    Mr. Habbab visited his excellency Mr. Saad Hariri along with a business council board members to foster further collaboration between Turkey and Lebanon
    The facility is full of 12 years
    Delta Petrol chairman of the board Mehmet Habbab stating that $ 40 million of annual turnover, he said that the facilities are hired for the next 12 years
    Free market conditions are non operational in the oil sector
    Delta Petrol A.Ş.  chairman of the executive board Mehmet Habbab  explained the price changes in oil prices and the reasons behind it.
    Platts 9th Annual European Oil Storage Conference was held in Amsterdam on 18- 19 January 2016.  Mr. Sami Habbab delivered a speech focusing on the current oil storage activities in 2016
    The Platts Global Energy Awards offers 17 categories both for business and individual achievement. Delta Rubis Terminal Petrol is one of the finalists with its 2.5km Oil Jetty Project for category of Construction Project of the Year.
    Delta was awarded the “Environmentally Awarness” award, as the only Terminal in Turkey eligible for such acknowledgement
  8. 2017

    Platts 9th Annual European Oil Storage Conference was held in Amsterdam on 18- 19 January 2016.  Mr. Sami Habbab delivered a speech focusing on the current oil storage activities in 2016, global and regional impacts trends, European Storage outlook 2016, Europe and MED Market Events and Turkey’s position in Global Market.
    DEIK Energy Council Event
    Sami Habbab, who is the board member of DEIK Energy Council, has shared his insight for international energy project opportunities and provided his views on the strength of the Turkish energy companies.
     Lebanon, Eastern Mediterranean's finance and energy island
    The past week we were in Lebanon, the "experimental country" of the Middle East. We went to American University of Beirut (EUB);  wirth a  program prepared by Mehmet Ali Neyzi, who left the office of STFA CEO to make a master in the field of Middle East history.
  9. 2018

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